I like big books and I cannot lie

Are ya'll ready for it?  The Hunger Games world premier, duh!  I'm hosting a "pre-game" party at my house, so I have all things Girl on Fire on the brain to gear up. 
Doesn't the cool factor of Katniss sort of make our obsession with Edward, Jacob and (I guess) Bella seem really lame?
I won't be in line for the midnight showing - me and my amigas are blue-haired like that - but I'm super-stoked just the same!
Hunger Games

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In other book news, I started this one the other night.  It's about a Manhattanite woman who falls in love with farming, all things fresh food, as well as an "all man" farmer who's happens to be a brilliant cook.
Just a few pages in, and I'm ready to hang it up, buy some fertile land, and learn what life's really all about.

Eclipse Novella - Read it?

Have any of you read the new, Eclipse novella: The short second life of Bree Tanner? The story as told by a small character, a newborn vampire, from the third installment of the Twilight saga. My friend clued me in about it last weekend, and I picked up my copy today. Would love to hear your thoughts.

New Releases: Penguin Classics

Those of you who, like me, count yourselves among the devotees of Penguin's oh-so-designerly Classics collection might be happy to know that you can pre-order the latest releases for a nice discount from Amazon. The offerings include: The Odyssey, Lady Chatterley's Lover, Emma, and Treasure Island (my fave with the palm & parrot design!) *Click on images for links

Penguin is releasing the titles on March 10, so I imagine the pre-order discount is available 'til then. Trendy as the collection may be, you must admit, their collectible status is likely to endure. Read on!

Rumor has it...

...That RPatz may be taking the lead role in the film adaptation of Sara Gruen's Water for Elephants.
I read the amazingly-researched tome over a year ago, and was completely mesmerized by the dramatic tale of a Cornell vet-school student who joins a circus after suffering a horrific family tragedy.
Reese Witherspoon has already signed on as the beautiful circus performer, Marlena, and Sean Penn is mulling the role of the twisted animal trainer. A promising cast, me thinks.
I'm no circus or (heaven forbid!) clown fan, but if you haven't read WFE, get to it, and get ready to anticipate seeing Pattinson in the film almost as much as you look forward to seeing his sparkly-skinned self in the Twilight series.

A 5-Star Day!

Do any of you remember reading - in a newspaper {gasp!} the daily horoscopes? You know how they'd rate the day your astrological sign was set to have on a scale of 1 to 5 stars? My mother used to call me up at college and say "'Hey, you're destined to have a 5-star day!'" It was just a fun little thing we did...
Well, I think I can safely (and most gratefully) say I had one heck of a 5-star day!

First, my friend, Camila over at High-Heeled Foot in the Door made the sweetest mention of MLHP in her post (thank you, again, CP)!!
Then, I just happened to check out the results from here
to learn I won 3rd place in the Vignette portion of the contest! I'm super-excited, because the prize for third place is this book...
One man's story of the trials, tribulations, and exhultations of home remodeling - I can't wait! There's also a gift card to Goodwill that I'll be donating to one of my Stateside friends.

Just in case you're curious - here was my entry. Remember the first DD I did on our guest bedroom?
...And, here's the Domino mag pic that inspired it...OK, O-kaaaay...I'll stop gushing! I don't win much, can you tell? Maybe I should start playing the Lotto - they DO have one down here, ya know!
I hope you all had a wonderful April 1st, and that you weren't Fooled too much!