Inspired Spaces: White walls + Old Leather + rich wood = Luxe

Have ya'll seen the space put together by Will Kopelman (aka Mr. Drew Barrymore) in the latest


?  It's the most anti-man cave, beautiful man-space I've ever seen.  In fact, I don't see any reason to designate it a "man space," as I'd move in in a heartbeat.

I'm generally a color gal, but throw in a neutral palette with some roughed up leather, and you'll get me every time.  Besides, the home office has enough suggestion of color with the enormous John Singer Sargent reproduction (Will's an art adviser - nice work if you can get it)  What I really love is the not-in-your-face luxe of it all.  From the rich polished wood paired with the contemporary pieces to the men's suiting fabric that makes the window treatments - all against the perfectly-white background.  As Ferris Bueller once said, "It is

so choice


Moving on to the bath and dressing room portion of the program, Will turns the tables and goes dark and rich.  The dressing room in black lacquer with hits of wood and brass still serves to scratch my itch for dark, high gloss rooms.

It also serves to remind me that rooms with drastically different feels can exist beautifully as neighbors - they key is the streamlined palette, and shared materials.

The bathroom is just - wow.  It's a lot, and I'm not sure I could deal with this much going on on a daily basis, but I LOVE that he went for it.  Like all-out, gentleman's glam.  I admire a man who knows his style and rocks it to the last detail.  Drew says she cried when she first saw the space - because it made her bathroom look downright granny.

I've had this white walls, rich wood, worn leather, mix of modern soup in my brain so much, I decided to use it to put together a design scheme for a class project.  My assignment is to design a Living/Dining room space.  I put more of a feminine twist on my interpretation, and the items I sourced would be filed under a budget known as...uh,


, but here ya go.

In this room, every hour would feel like martini hour.   {sly grin}

Let's talk about House of Cards

Our holiday weekend was non-eventful.  Ben had to work some, and the girls had school on Monday, so ours wasn't your traditional Memorial Weekend, kicking off the American Summer.

I do feel like we participated in a little bit of National Past-time-ness, though.  Ben and I got some serious TV time in, watching the entire series of

House of Cards


We've been in Brazil five years, and as far as I'm concerned, blissfully ignorant of most TV pop culture.  I've never seen an episode of Downtown, Mad Men, or Breaking Bad.  

It seems a little ironic, then, that shortly before we move back Stateside (to the DC area, no less), we find ourselves completely addicted to this show that elicits the worst you can imagine about the inner workings in the Nation's Capital.

In the most twisted-delicious way.

Kevin Spacey at his finest/darkest.  If you, (like me) loved him in the Usual Suspects, American Beauty, or Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, you're going to piss your pants over HoC.

Robin Wright is brilliant, beautiful, and so on-the-mark as the ultimate Washington Power Wife.  (Aside: Have you SEEN her bod?  Isn't she 50-something?  Amazing.)

Previously unknown to me - Kate Mara - with her piercing doe eyes - makes me fearful of my daughters growing up. 

I apologize if this is old news.  I tend to be late to the scene like that.  If I'm not, then - go.  Subscribe to Netflix, and try not to binge on the whole season in one sitting.

Put the kids to bed first.

*P.S. - Come back tomorrow.  I got to interview

the woman

who's brought us photos like this.



It's insightful, and just overall badass.   See you then.

First thoughts on Tyler's Kitchen of the Year for HB?

I don't know about you, but I would certainly, most definitely want a cook to design my dream kitchen. If it happened to be one of my Chef crushes, as is the case with Tyler Florence, then it would be the proverbial icing on the cake.
Just caught these first glimpses of the Kitchen of the Year he designed with House Beautiful, and so far, so goooood!
I can totally feel the unpretentious-yet-serious foodie-ness that Florence captures with his recipes.
I'm pullin' up a chair!

Oscars (yawn) Fashion Recap

I was a little underwhelmed by this year's Oscar dress selections - were you? Granted, there were some winners, some "meh"-ers, but overall, everyone played it a little too toned down and safe. I can't think of any instances where, five years from now we'll be saying, "Oh, THAT dress!" I'm sort of inspiration-less for a recap post.
Still, there were some gorgeous moments...
Oscars 2011_edited-1
I thought Mandy Moore had the overall, prettiest look of the night. The netted neckline blended seamlessly with her complexion, and her hair and makeup (bright lips!) were absolute perfection. Mila Kunis' lavender Elie Saab number, with its teasing, low and lacy bodice left everyone, including gay men gasping in awe. Also, thought her hair was insane gorgeous. Anne Hathaway chose VERY wisely - vintage Valentino in the trademark, red hue. Stellar. And the Body that Won't Quit - Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein. I actually love that she went sans bling - clearly, she doesn't need anything to distract from that physique.

People I was on the fence about:
Best Actress Winner, Natalie Portman - Her Rodarte dress photographed better than it looked on live camera. When I initially saw it, I thought, "Why maroon?" (aka worst color ever), but in the still shots, it reads more plum, which is only slightly better. The drape and neckline are perfect for a preggo body, though.
Scarlett Johannson's D&G proves my point about the color maroon.
Another dress that didn't read as well live on tv as it does in photos - Halle Berry's Marchesa. Gorgeous, but a bit too predictable for me.
I'm sure I'll get a few boos from the gallery, as Gwynnie's custom Calvin Klein liquid platinum sheath was an overall crowd pleaser (at least according to last-night's tweets), but it just left me a little cold. Right now, I think GP is into anything that shows off her coathanger of a figure. As there's a lot of work, and not much eating involved in this endeavor, I can't say I blame her. Afterall, she's marketing a product (i.e. her investment in Tracy Anderson, her trainer)
Cate Blanchett doin' her own thing, Fashion as Art style. No, I don't like the dress, but she can do no wrong in my book, so I'll forgive her the yellow-boils-on-her-back look of her Givenchy.
If Amy Adams' L'Wren Scott had had a different neckline and sleeves (notoriously unforgivable to the arms), I think it would have worked better. What a waste of that incredible emerald necklace, too.
This woman just had twins. Girdle of steel? No matter. Get her outta my face.
And, last, her Royal Divaness herself, Sharon Stone - working the carpet with unrivaled fierceness. You go on with your nip-tucked self, I happen to LUV ya!