The Importance of Implementation

The Importance of Implementation

I was thinking recently about how the AGI team can better serve our clients' experience with the design process.  We take our work very seriously, but also understand it's a luxury to hire a designer, therefore we want the experience to be a special one!

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Project Reveal: Mid-Century with a Global Twist

Project Reveal: Mid-Century with a Global Twist

We recently wrapped a long-term project to add in some definition, layers and textures to a home that already had good things going on.  The client came to us with a keen design sense, but wanted a professional's guidance, and access to trade furnishings and fabrics.  

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Inspired by October

Now that October is in full swing, I feel I have permission to begin seasonal sprucing around our casa. I don't go all-out for the holidays in general, but I do love Halloween. This month, I'm playing hostess-with-the-mostess for a couple of small soirees, so I'll probably go a bit beyond my usual.
Avery is dying to decorate pumpkins, and I need a new centerpiece, so I'm thinking some blingy pumpkins might be a fun projecto.

..but otherwise, I think a subtler approach - maybe a hint at glossy black goodness, or a speck of harvest orange might be enough to set the mood just right.

Source: None via harim on Pinterest

High gloss black doors can do no wrong in my book.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Whoever said dark walls retract space clearly never saw a powder room this grand.

However, an all-white kitchen benefits from a shot of color

Making a huge mental note on the pumpkin detail of the bookshelves amid the slate-y walls. And wait! Is that a cowhide? Cut to mimic Moroccan tile? I die.

Source: via Alison on Pinterest

New Trad goodness. Stripes never fail.

There's just so much gone right in this reading room, but I'll go ahead and note the orange leather.

So, go on. Let some orange and black do the talkin'.

Plate-Driven Color Palette

Shameless plug of my food blog, here, but there's no question that there's interplay between food and interiors. There's great opportunity for a delish dish to influence style and/or a color palette, so let my food references drive you to eat, decorate!
Plate-Driven Palette copy

Taking a cue from this dish of Tandoori Pork I made, we can see the colors of Curry, Saffron and Cinnabar. Don't those conjur up so much more warmth and interest than Gold, Burnt Orange and Deep Red? JCrew was so ahead of their time, way back in the day, when they were the first to merchandise their clothing colors after luscious fruits and ripe veggies!

Once you're tuned in, food colors pop up everywhere in design:

A smattering of spicy barstools

A little mustard for your walls

A curry coverlet. Double the cozy.

Pattern and Paprika. I won't complain.

Just a splash of Saffron makes it just right

Tufted curry, courtesy of Nate - but like him, keep it all in check with some cool tones.

Source: via Alison on Pinterest

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