Our apartment featured in Rue!

So, apparently, I'm pretty good at keeping secrets, and this is one I've had to hold onto for awhile, but TODAY I can let it rip that our apartment in Rio de Janeiro has been immortalized in the latest issue of

Rue Magazine


Stoked and humbled are two words that come to mind at being featured alongside such other talented designers, and amazing homes.  We're now spending some downtime with family in Texas, and I can't imagine a better send off of our special time in Brazil.  Thank you to amazingly-talented photographer,

Emily Johnston Anderson

, Crystal , and the other ladies at Rue for putting together such a lovely article.

Go check it out!! 


A few things of relative importance...

Today's images are brought to you by High Gloss - the newest shelter/lifestyle e-zine that launched today (in case you've been under a rock). Truly, it has left me speechless .I don't say that fleetingly. Consider it your go-to for glamorous design porn for the next few days.
High gloss premiere issue

After I posted about it, you gals flocked to HSN for Nate's Upholstered Stool like it was crack - it's now on the "almost sold out" list (powerful forces, we blogs). Sadly, because of shipping issues, I STILL haven't been able to place my own order. But I will, oh YES I will...

High Gloss table by David Jimenez

Some of you requested I source my paint and fabric ideas from this cane chair post, which I have now done.
Colorful Classic lineup_edited-1 copy
Yellow Ikat via L&S + Glidden Rich Navy

Flowering Branch via CC + Francesca by Martha Stewart Paints

Sudan by L&S + Behr Premium Ash Violet

Formosia via L&S + Glidden Deepest Wooden Green

Posh lineup_edited-1
Jamil via L&S + Glidden True Turquoise

High Gloss CA home

I'm all warm and fuzzy inside, because FIVE HUNDRED of you have decided I'm worthy of following via Google reader. Since you rock so much, I've got a giveaway coming up for you.

High Gloss Houston home

He Said, She Said does the Latest Lonny

When I did my first run-through of the latest issue of design e-zine, Lonny, I was almost breathless. Each page seemed to be better than the one before.
However, not wanting to be the Happy Clapper* type who can't offer a fair critique, I thought it best to call in my better half, to provide the year's first He Said, She Said: The Latest Lonny.

Me: Ben, you're first on deck (pass a piece of chocolate, too)

home by hillary thomas via lonny
Ben: The only thing I don't understand is the purpose of that thing over the window on the left. It looks like Captain Crunch's hat.
Me: It's a pelmet. Remember, we made one for Avery's room?
Ben: And the couch, it's strange. Three people sitting on that couch would mean all of their knees touching. I think anyone walking into this room sees that couch and says, "I'm not sitting there, I'm heading for the wishbone chair."
Me: Well, I really love this room, including the strangely-angled sofa. I'm honestly having a hard time getting past those glorious curtains, though. I'm having a curtain obsession these days.

lynn nigro kitchen via lonny
Me: Superb. And I don't normally favor dark-cabinet kitchens this much, but that touch of Quadrille wallpaper is a stroke of genius.
Ben: I'm not sure I would've gone with such a stark white backsplash behind the stove - seems to beg for splatters. I think at first, those dark cabinets would seem cool, but after awhile, they'd drive you freakin' nuts.
Me: They'd drive ME nuts, or just whoever?
Ben: Whoever had to cook in that kitchen every day.

lynn nigro bookshelves via lonny

It's bookshelves, I know. I just think this is a great example of perfectly non-perfect bookshelves. Not as overly-styled as you typically see in design publications.

Ben: What? This is VERY styled. Just because it's messy doesn't mean it's not styled.
Me: I don't see it as messy at all, but I give you that it probably DID take more effort than you'd assume to look this "unstyled."
Ben: Now I know what we can do with our spare chairs - face them AWAY from the tv - that makes sense.
Me: :(

living room by jariath mellett via lonny
Ben: I think it's cool. Everything but the bed.
Me: Daybed.
Ben: Still. At my age, just seeing a bed makes me sleepy. I'd probably fall asleep, and that would be quite the conversation killer.
Me: Yes, it would, but I wouldn't let you do that. You know, I'm not sure WHY I like this room, or really if I have that much emotion about it at all. I know it's photographed well, and that's probably the main draw for me.
Ben: Where's the tv?
Me: OK, moving on...

bedroom by trip haenrisch via lonny
Ben: The bed appears very comfortable, but everything seems really crammed into the center.
Me: This is actually one of the few rooms in this issue I could seriously not handle living in. The "center aligned" effect is obviously done on purpose, but I can leave it. Well, I'd take the Massimo Vitali photos and bail.

*Term "Happy Clapper" coined by the brilliant and should-be famous, Raina.

Great Minds...

I really hate posting on things I know the entire design blogosphere will be all over, and I know the latest issue of Rue will make many rounds on the interwebs, as it is quite the delish, but I just COULD NOT resist noting how Windsor Smith used metallic linen on the tufted banquette shown in her feature.
Windsor Smith tufted sofa Rue

I envisioned redoing an accent chair in this killer fabric some weeks back, but lamented the lack of images of furniture to reference.
Well, now we have one - a really amazing one, at that. Any questions?