Highlighting Interior Photography

As I'm gradually accomplishing projects around my house, and planning to put together a portfolio of my interior styling work, I'm focusing more and more on what it takes to present a room amazingly.  A professionally photographed space can take a less-than-extraordinary room, and with incredible angles and lighting, make it look straight out of a design glossy.  A poorly-lit and photographed room, however inspiring it may be, will never earn its true merits.

I came across the work of Ashlee Raubach, who's photographs of interiors capture light and essence perfectly, creating a sense not only of a beautiful space, but of actually wanting to be a part of them. 
Talk about inspiring!


Rockin' Rio Hood

I was instantly smitten with the rustic-yet-elegant, shotgun-style home of architect Luciano Cavalcanti that was featured in the latest issue of Rue. The exposed beams and brick combined with the whitewashed walls is not a typical style you see in Brazil - at least not that I have seen.

On further reading, I learned the home is located in the Lapa neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. A charming and Bohemian area teaming with the color and life one pictures when they imagine the tropical city.
...also where they filmed some of the honeymoon scenes for the upcoming Breaking Dawn (November, peeps. You haven't forgotten, have you???)
Back to the house.....

It wouldn't be all that difficult to pull together this look:
Lapa-like room

....assuming you already have some (essential) brick and beam action going on!

*images via Rue Mag and Google

Déjà vu?

I've lamented before that, typically, my magazine subscriptions arrive two weeks after all of you have already feasted and had your fill of the latest issues. So, I have mixed feelings of gratitude and spoiler alert-wariness when a blogger scans early pics of the glossies before Zinio even has the digital versions posted. (What's up with that delay, anyway?)

Anyhoo....Alcira couldn't contain her excitement over the latest Elle Decor, and from what I saw, I can't say I blame her. But WAIT - that house - the one in Bahia, Brazil - I've seen that before! Recently.
Sig Bergamin Bahia home 3

I distinctly remember thinking the house didn't look like a typical Brazilian home. Rather than the usual plethora of low-profile, contemporary furniture, this home had lots of textures, textiles and patterns, layers of them - on a blue and white background. Ethnic-Beachy. Goodness.

And then, it hit me. I had seen it in the Sotheby's real estate listings (because I troll sites where homes cost more than a lifetime's earnings.) Yep, this home of Brazilian designer, Sig Bergamin is for sale. Listed for just under $4 million, in case you're interested.

Bergamin's NYC apartment was featured in ED in January. Wonder why the editors featured the same designer twice over such a short time? As if there's not a ton of talent out there to publish!
sig bergamin manhattan-apartments-ed1210_01

Anyway...back to the beaches of Brazil...

Sig Bergamin Bahia home 2

Sig Bergamin Bahia home 1

Sig Bergamin Bahia home 5

There's so much for the eye to follow in this house, here's a few of my take-aways:
- Oversize poster and fine photography art have won me over - many times.
- There's a still a strong case to be made for suzanis (and Ebay has tons)
- Layering chunky jewelry over figurines and other tchotchkes is a brilliant way to add color, texture and whimsy. I'll be doing it, too!

The House that Issa built

I can't imagine a fashion designer having a better day than Daniella Helayel did when Kate Middleton wore one of her dresses for the engagement announcement to Prince William. Daniella is the Brazilian designer behind the Issa of London label.
I know I was one of thousands of gals who scoped out the Issa sight to admire the classic and flattering styles now made famous by the future Princess.
I was equally interested to get a glimpse into the designer's loft - in the Chelsea district of London. Brazilians are so accustomed to sunshine and saturated color, that I imagine one might become depressed by the infamous dreariness of England.
It looks like Daniella has worked her way around that - by letting her love of Morocco, Thailand, and Africa dictate an other-wordly style for her home.

Daniella Helayel chelsea loft living

It seems Daniella has done a rather nice job of recreating (if not Ipanema beach), then at least her own Shangri-La.

Daniella Helayel chelsea loft 2

The billowy, canopied bedroom reminds me of the flattering draping Issa dresses are known for.

Daniella Helayel loft bedroom

The large collection of butterfly botanicals makes for a whimsical bathroom display.
Daniella Helayel loft bathroom
...and, I'd still love one of those dresses!

Let the Sunshine In

My freshman year at Texas (hookem!), I took an Introduction to Architecture course - most likely to fulfill a Fine Arts requirement. Little did I know just how informative and inspirational it would be. It was taught by the Dean - a lowly assignment by most academics' standards - but also the perfect chance for him to communicate his pure passion for his art to a group of first-year sponges.

One lecture I remember in particular discussed the importance of proper placement of a building. How critical it is to relate it to the geography, the climate, and the purpose of the edifice. For example, in Austin, one certainly wouldn't want to face a wall of windows towards the west - because, like everything else that's "Bigger in Texas," so, too is the withering heat for most of the year. A west-facing facade begs for a giant oak to provide shade and natural cooling. However, a south-facing window can take full advantage of the muted radiance that is the Winter Sun.
The point being, a well-designed space takes into account, and manipulates light to its best advantage.

I couldn't help but admire how each and every one of these images brings that idea to fruition. I also couldn't put the thought out of my brain that I NEED to live in Spain - where all these homes reside. *wistful sigh*
Pasillo_large el mueble
Welcome to my humble abode...

Salon-con-chimenea_el mueble
Wonder what's more mesmerizing - the view during day or night?

Zona-despacho_el mueble
My new blogging spot

Distribuidor-desde-cocina_el mueble
Don't even think about sharing that closet!

Acogedor-aire-provenzal.-el mueble
Simple steel railing - I love you.

Batiente-en-dormitorio_large el mueble
Mornin', Sunshine!

Bano_large el mueble
Sorry, this bath is Occupado.
images source