Memory like an Elephant

It's funny, some days I can't remember whether or not I put on antiperspirant, but there are images from well-worn glossy mags that are burned into my brain - I could tell where I sat when I first saw them.  This (crappy scan) of a vignette from a 2008 House Beautiful is an example.  I have always, always loved this lemon photograph by interior design photographer, Victoria Pearson.

I remember researching her work when I first saw it, to find out about purchasing a print. 
Never had any luck.
But, guess what Mrs. Meare's happened upon while scoping out Nathan Turner's shop in LA?

*Bum ba da DAAAAM!"
Sound of me clicking through his site.
Sound of air slowly being let of me when it puts me through to his 1st Dibs booth

*Ka POW*
The Price.

Still, closure.