Let's talk about House of Cards

Our holiday weekend was non-eventful.  Ben had to work some, and the girls had school on Monday, so ours wasn't your traditional Memorial Weekend, kicking off the American Summer.

I do feel like we participated in a little bit of National Past-time-ness, though.  Ben and I got some serious TV time in, watching the entire series of

House of Cards


We've been in Brazil five years, and as far as I'm concerned, blissfully ignorant of most TV pop culture.  I've never seen an episode of Downtown, Mad Men, or Breaking Bad.  

It seems a little ironic, then, that shortly before we move back Stateside (to the DC area, no less), we find ourselves completely addicted to this show that elicits the worst you can imagine about the inner workings in the Nation's Capital.

In the most twisted-delicious way.

Kevin Spacey at his finest/darkest.  If you, (like me) loved him in the Usual Suspects, American Beauty, or Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, you're going to piss your pants over HoC.

Robin Wright is brilliant, beautiful, and so on-the-mark as the ultimate Washington Power Wife.  (Aside: Have you SEEN her bod?  Isn't she 50-something?  Amazing.)

Previously unknown to me - Kate Mara - with her piercing doe eyes - makes me fearful of my daughters growing up. 

I apologize if this is old news.  I tend to be late to the scene like that.  If I'm not, then - go.  Subscribe to Netflix, and try not to binge on the whole season in one sitting.

Put the kids to bed first.

*P.S. - Come back tomorrow.  I got to interview

the woman

who's brought us photos like this.



It's insightful, and just overall badass.   See you then.

Well, tan my leather!

How is it it's already mid-week????
I've been planning this post since Monday, but somehow life, Motherhood, and wrecked computers (all three of 'em) got in the way.  Oh well....here goes

When it comes to leather goods, I've always been a saddle color kind of gal.  Something about the natural tanning, combined with perfect hardware appeals to my luxe-but-not-too-much sensibilities.

Now, I'm dying to put together some kind of tan leather/hardware combo in my casa.  Not in a wagonwheel kind of way, either. 
See those stools?
Maybe some MCM goodness?
This one's Ebay - it got away.

Maybe just a couple of these floating around an a lot-of-white room?

Like this...

If this weren't black, it could play nice

Woah, now, horse.  What's this?  Perfection is what they are.  Hold on, lemme check.....

Damn. My taste is rich. *source

What are you obsessing over, lately? 

all images via my pinterest unless otherwise noted

Memory like an Elephant

It's funny, some days I can't remember whether or not I put on antiperspirant, but there are images from well-worn glossy mags that are burned into my brain - I could tell where I sat when I first saw them.  This (crappy scan) of a vignette from a 2008 House Beautiful is an example.  I have always, always loved this lemon photograph by interior design photographer, Victoria Pearson.

I remember researching her work when I first saw it, to find out about purchasing a print. 
Never had any luck.
But, guess what Mrs. Meare's happened upon while scoping out Nathan Turner's shop in LA?

*Bum ba da DAAAAM!"
Sound of me clicking through his site.
Sound of air slowly being let of me when it puts me through to his 1st Dibs booth

*Ka POW*
The Price.

Still, closure.

I Bit the Bullet

Go ahead, call me a follower, but I wasn't about to let the chance to snag a Stark Fauna aka "antelope" rug pass me by this week, when they were featured on OKL
We've all seen 'em, some of us love 'em, and some of us have husbands who travel all the time, leaving us sad and idle, and wanting to fulfill our souls with something.  And rugs can do that.  Sometimes.

All boo-hooing aside, I bought a runner.  They're ALL good, but I think this pattern in a runner is particularly effective.  So does Sally Wheat.  See? (and she's a boss)

...examples of more goodness
(this one's actually Karastan, but whatev's, you get the idea)  image source
Oh, if I ever have a little boy's nursery of my own....

So, in summary:  Antelope Rugs: Good.  
Dressing like an antelope:  Questionable
Happy Weekend, Folks!

Fall Color Obsession: Saddle and Peacock

Every year about this time, it happens. That lust for all things Fall. I actually try to discourage my brain, since the seasons here in Brazil are opposite of the US, I have little opportunity to relish the fullness of the North American Autumn season, and it always leaves me a little remorseful.
Sometimes, I say to hell with it, and seek out the symbols of the season, other times (like this), they hit me - WHAM-O!
That was the case when I saw this image. Could the warm, saddle leather of the Wassily chair look any more fantastic paired with the peacock-blue of the small bureau?

Saddle and Peacock colorboard

To me, the colors read comfort, nostalgia, hospitality - all symbols of the Autumn season, and now, my official Fall color-combo obsession. For the record, I'd also throw in some deep, rich cognac, but balance it with a punch of chartreuse - much like this designer did.

I began scouring my house for an area I could work in the combo without doing a complete overhaul.
Living Room.
Coffee table - certainly not saddle leather, but the color is similar. Great.

Broken, and in need of H.E.L.P. Ikea media armoire: Not. So. Great.

If I could get my hands on some Hague Blue paint, it could work magic, ya know?

Source: google.com via Alison on Pinterest

A tad O'Killed, but....

Source: google.com via Alison on Pinterest

Can you see it?
Ikea armoire in Hague Blue

Don't let my doodling skills fool you. I'm serious, peeps. (Now go ahead and tell me what you think)