I Bit the Bullet

Go ahead, call me a follower, but I wasn't about to let the chance to snag a Stark Fauna aka "antelope" rug pass me by this week, when they were featured on OKL
We've all seen 'em, some of us love 'em, and some of us have husbands who travel all the time, leaving us sad and idle, and wanting to fulfill our souls with something.  And rugs can do that.  Sometimes.

All boo-hooing aside, I bought a runner.  They're ALL good, but I think this pattern in a runner is particularly effective.  So does Sally Wheat.  See? (and she's a boss)

...examples of more goodness
(this one's actually Karastan, but whatev's, you get the idea)  image source
Oh, if I ever have a little boy's nursery of my own....

So, in summary:  Antelope Rugs: Good.  
Dressing like an antelope:  Questionable
Happy Weekend, Folks!

Market Picks

Were any of you at High Point Market this week?
Yeah, me neither.
Something about living in Brazil...

It doesn't matter, though, because a handful of other bloggers and designers got their Instamatic on, and gave us all a glimpse of what we can plan to see in the coming months in terms of furniture, and accessories.

There were some fresh things I was happy to see on the horizon, but a bit surprised that some trends (framed coral?  rustic/industrial?) still seem to be having some time in the limelight.

Here's my pics among the iPhone images,  remember, "Going to Market" is about inspiration...

A tufted, tangerine leather sofa.  Crazy love.

Punch-colored throws over masculine chairs.  Divine.
Source: houzz.com via Susie on Pinterest

Mary Macdonald's line for Robert Abbey lamps - I'd use a pair with a more curvy, traditional console.

I sort of sit and stare at this desk.  One of the few glimpses of chrome I saw in a sea of brass and gold.

Can you tell I'm drawn to accessories with graphic statements these days?  Ottoman by Barclay Butera.

The peacock-blue velvet of the sofa won my heart, but I'm also crazy about the somewhat manly take on the tufts.

Clearly, hides (and even more now) skins are having a moment.  Get thee some.

Awhile back, I snatched up a malachite box and lighter for a song.  I doubt the going rate on this amazing tray is quite so kind, but if I were designing your room, you can bet I'd be trying to talk you into it.

...and finally, for all of you who loved and commented on the light fixture in this post, here ya go:  The Meri Drum for Oly Studio

Living Vicariously: The New Furbish Store

It's pretty amazing when the opening of someone else's boutique gives you heart palpitations.  But that's exactly what I'm experiencing after seeing Honey + Fitz's pics from the new Furbish store in Raleigh, NC - the brainchild of decorative artist extraordinaire, Jamie Meares.

I'm more than delighted to live vicariously for a few moments as I virtually go through the store and pick out what I'd take home.  Although, it'd probably be easier to select items I wouldn't want to buy.

The entrance:  the yum factor is just getting started.
Furbish entrance 2

A bubblegum sofa. "Oh, I couldn't."  Um, oh, YES I could!
Furbish pink couch

One of my favorite vignettes:  layering art upon large, graphically-enhanced walls.  Brilliant.
Furbish swirl wall

Evidence that I need a bit more animal in my life:  leopard bowls...
Furbish bowls

...and cheetah rugs
Furbish back office

Headboard: to die for.  Ms. Meare's ability to layer and mix patterns: OFF the charts.
Furbish headboard 1

I'm working with someone who's guest bath is screaming for one of these custom, ikat shower curtains.
Furbish shower curtain 2

If you're into subdued/neutral and subtle.  I dare say Furbish is not your place, but everyone's space needs a jolt of some sort.
Furbish vignette 2

I'm due a mommy getaway trip, and I'm seriously considering a mecca-like pilgrimage from Brazil to Raleigh.   Anyone wanna meet me there?

*All pics courtesy of Dina of Honey + Fitz *used with permission*

Yesterday was my Birthday

...and my husband is out-of-town. No one to help with the kids, no one to let me sleep in, no one to treat me to the grand fiesta I so deserve. SO I thought it my duty to throw myself a little retail pity-party. I'm hoping to do some sofa revamping in the near future, so...

I bought these - for the trade price. I feel good about it.I never had my fill of this pattern, so please don't go negative.

...also bought these one-of-a-kinders via this Etsy lady.
As to the first, any suggestions on another pattern/pillow set to go-with the Chiang Mai's?