Valentine's Goodness

It's a really drizzly, gloomy kind of Valentine's Day, so I corralled my girls into a little cookie-baking session.  We made Linzer Cookies, which in the end, are really almost too pretty to eat.  If you want to get the recipe I used, check out my other, more highly-caloric blog - HERE.

Ben is out of town tonight (yes,it's a common theme in our casa), so we'll be rainchecking our Valentine's tomorrow.  He'll make it up to me by sitting through movie night of Breaking Dawn.  And not providing running commentary.
 It's a win-win, you see?

Eclipse Novella - Read it?

Have any of you read the new, Eclipse novella: The short second life of Bree Tanner? The story as told by a small character, a newborn vampire, from the third installment of the Twilight saga. My friend clued me in about it last weekend, and I picked up my copy today. Would love to hear your thoughts.